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ghghjfj [08 May 2007|12:33pm]
<p style="background:url(http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a84/jenlafemme/students.jpg);width:160;height:110;"></p>
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[01 Sep 2005|01:49pm]
[ mood | bored ]

only a week back from europe & i am bored out my skull. good news though. brian, san diego chap met on travels, is coming up to glasgow in a week. should be good. trying to focus all my boredom on to thinking of decent things to do. think will show him the barras, take him to a gig maybe, let him see loch lomond...
however, all of this clashes with my trying to get a quick in-and-out job in order to quickly save up and get the fuck out of here over to rome. i got a call from the care home today (which would have been perfect) but they want me to start when brian could potentially be here. so i said i would get back to them. argh.

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rain, dole & nursing homes. [26 Aug 2005|04:02pm]
[ mood | bored ]

update: 3 months ago moved in with liam. 3 months later have broken up with liam & moved out. in between that was travelling for around 2 months. 3 weeks in barcelona/spain. 1 month in holland, germany, czech republic, slovakia, austria, italy, spain, france & belgium with claire.
moving over to europe in just over a month. if all carries on going to plan.
until then, i am pretty much just working in a nursing home in the kitchen. fun fun fun.

[First name]: Jenny
[First nick name]: La Femme
[First school]: Saint Josephs
[First word(s) spoken]: Dunno
[First CD purchased]: Kula Shaker.
[First job]: Dish washing
[First time on TV]: Dunno
[First time in the newspaper]: Dunno
[First screen name]: Jenny
[First funeral]: ma grannys
[First pet]: Maisie the cat
[First piercing/tattoo]: ears
[First credit card]: =big mistake
[First kiss]: Questions too Dawsons Creek & shit
[First one that mattered]: Questions too Dawsons Creek & shit
[First crush]: Questions too Dawsons Creek & shit
[First person you went out with]: Questions too Dawsons Creek & shit
[First true love]: Questions too Dawsons Creek & shit
[First enemy]: Questions too Dawsons Creek & shit
[First big trip]: Greece or something
[First concert]: Teenage Fanclub
[First musician you remember hearing in your house]: Dunno
[First house you lived in]: Sketchy one in Bonhill
[First room color]: Not sure
[First time drunk]: Aged 10 with my friend Katrina. Drank her dad's cider or something.
[First time high]: 12
[First grade teacher]: Couldn't tell you
[First time on a roller coaster]: Who knows
[Last car ride]: Today
[Last good cry]: Can't remember
[Last magazine you read]: Easyjet one
[Last library book checked out]: I'm overdue a book 6 years so I can never go back.
[Last book read]: The Great Gatsby (again)
[Last movie seen]: Sin City
[Last TV show watched]: Neighbours I think
[Last card game played]: Spit, played with Claire on night trains in Europe
[Last cuss word said]: I dunno, fuck or something
[Last words spoken]: See you later
[Last kiss]: Week ago
[Last hug]: Hour ago
[Last sleep]: last night/this morning
[Last beverage drank]: tea
[Last food consumed]: noodles
[Last phone call received]: 1 min ago fae Duncan
[Last phone call made]: Dunno
[Last cigarette]: 5 mins ago
[Last time high]: Just now. Can't really mind last time I wasnt really.
[Last time drunk]: Other day
[Last time showered]: Today
[Last shoes worn]: Flip flops
[Last shirt worn]: This one
[Last pants worn]: jeans
[Last CD played]: jimi

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& drive, & horn [21 Feb 2005|08:10pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

may have broken the habit of going to the pub every day right after work. have been smoking too much, drinking too much, & going to sleep at 4 in the morning every morning for too long & I NEED A REST. we managed to actually go & only stay for one pint yesterday, mostly due to an unfortunate incident involving windebank. however, that is the first time we have actually managed to do that.
i said i was only having one some day during the week & ended up staying half an hour past closing with rowdy & kat who work there, and then we pissed off to the garth to drink more, then sat at the end of the pier until around 3am drinking white wine. which was fun.

weekend was ok. saturday, me & finch went out on the sauce by ourselves due to being abandoned by every cunt. started at the clyde & my boss bought us drinks. then buddah which was loud & involved some...dance moves. then the garth which was cheesy. then rogarts which was...rogarts.

sunday had to get up early to go watch the football (celtic v rangers) at the caple. nearly cried, it was a sad loss. no one i knew was there really, although colin & figg were there. me & figg were the only celtic supporters really in a packed pub of rangers fan. naturally, they all rubbed it in. :|

my head hurts & so i'm off.

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cherrypickers [09 Feb 2005|10:02pm]
[ mood | tired ]

can't be arsed updating really. will do when i can remember what i've done. been at the pub for the vast majority of my time/every day. on monday, the bartender said "have you got nothing better to do that come here & drink?". me & windebank decided that, no, we don't really. he who says random things was at the caple tonight. today he decided to inform us on the wonder of bread & how you can tell how well baked it is.

edinburgh tommorow. interview, go to see soulwax, then go clubbing & see 2manydjs hopefully. take pills, stay up all night & try & go into work the next day. i can see it all going a bit pete tong.

p.s in a really sad turn of events, me & sweeney thought it would be funny to climb into the (very spacious) boot of windebank's car & pretend we had gone missing. oh it was good. a good twenty minutes we were there. during this, nick & finch sped around with windebank a little worried trying to find us, as we tried not to piss ourselves in the boot. oh dear.
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gangstarr [31 Jan 2005|11:50pm]
[ mood | content ]

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mademoiselle hollywood [30 Jan 2005|06:59pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

on thursday, the usual suspects came round for a smoke after work. after everyone had left, i phoned sweeney at around 1am & he came round cos we were bored. we carried on getting stoned as normal, and then suddenly the ghost struck! yes, my room is haunted. we shat ourselves & ended up sitting huddled up on my sofa clutching rosary beads for the next few hours. needless to say, i have been sleeping in the spare room since.
on friday, went out for a night on the sauce wi finch & nick. started at the caple. was a bit bored. however, nice old man chatted to me & cheered me up. we discussed his thirty year marriage, 'the old grey whistle test' & life today. it was absolute madness. went along to the clyde, but stopped off at the wankest drinking establishment (other than rogarts) ever, also known as the commodore. it was more of a toilet stop really.
the clyde was a birrova laugh though. people from work were there, & a few other random chunts that i somehow now have the phonenumbers of.
was quite drunk.
went along to dominic & carolyns with finch after the clyde shut for whiskey & coke. not much whiskey & coke was consumed on my behalf because i was a bit hammered anyway. don't remember too much of what went on there.
on saturday, woke up feeling like a pile of shite that had licked a badgers arse. (you never know, i was quite pissed). work was a nightmare, due to The Busiest Day Ever In The History Of CoffeeShop/Restaurants In Scotland. after work i had a drink in buddah with the colleagues & co. went & got a bit of dope off the gezra. he made me put a straw boater hat on for his enjoyment. got a smoke & watched 'mean girls' (which is actually funny) with zack & duncan

and that brings us to today. went to the pub at 2pm for pints, pool, celtic game & free half-time food. was accompanied by finch & sweeney & then, for some reason, my parents.

i'm going to see soulwax soon.
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she's in parties [28 Jan 2005|12:07am]
[ mood | okay ]

well yesterday didn't exactly go to the original plan, but it went alright anyway. at 8 o'clock (kick-off) daryl & lara decided to tell me they were being a laryl & not coming to the pub with me to watch the game, which was a bit annoying. was gasping for a pint & couldn't be arsed going alone. i got desperate enough to call the mylo dude seeing as no one else wanted to watch the football. calling the mylo dude was a bad idea because this has encouraged his frequent texting me (& me not replying).
decided to stay in & be boring & get a smoke.
got a bit caned with sweeney. windebank came round with his flashy new black shiny £5000, a big chance from his previous nissan micra dot. we (sweeney, finch, windebank, me) all went for the exciting first drive.
the following events are absolutely fucking hilarious, and will remain in our memories forever as The Funniest Events To Ever Happen On A Wednesay Night.
we drove to churchill and decided to see if the spar was open, so that finch could buy scrawn. whilst driving past, windebank concentrated on seeing if the spar was open, & not on where he was going.

then we crashed into a lamp-post.

at first, i burst into laughter at the shock of it all, windebank went "my car!", sweeney & finch fell silent & didn't really know what to say. windebank was highly unimpressed, but oh my the rest of us laughed.
the funniest part was probably when finch went "well, the spar isn't open".

windebank went home to freak out a bit, & we popped back to mine for a smoke. nick & james arrived with the skunk that we were meant to get the other day. it's quite nice stuff, am pretty stoned.

according to my dad, my room smells like a shanghai opium den.
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racing by the sea>>> [26 Jan 2005|04:39pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

bad new is i didn't get that dope last night. good news is i'm getting it tonight probably. hopefully. i kind of thought yesterday that it wouldn't work out, so i saved some to last me tonight. still a bit annoyed though.
got pure really stressed about it last night, and so went to the ye olde local public house for a pint or two or three etc to chill out & to watch the liverpool match. it was a feeling of hot restlessness that can only be stopped by the drinking of cold beer.
was accompanied by nick. was quite fun, sat & chatted & got pissed.
after we'd left the caple we decided to get another drink in rogarts with windebank, purely due to the convenience of it being round the corner from my house. it's such a shitty little place.
this night was all on me. so i expect nick & windebank to take me out at some point, thank you very much :/

sat with nick until 3am getting stoned at mine.

work was okay today. except i had to serve two extremely stinking old people who both had some form of tourettes syndrome. like ridiculously stinking. it was mildly disturbing. after they left, my boss & i had to do a covert mission to de-smell the room & clean the table involving sprinting about trying not to breathe & spraying febreeze everywhere. i felt ill.

going to go chill & watch neighbours then go to the pub.
thank god wednesday is over.
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sensimilla sensimilla ganja weed yeah [25 Jan 2005|03:53pm]
[ mood | weird ]

bad new is i've finished loads of my amsterdam dope. good news is i'm getting a cheeky little eighth of northen lightz off andy j tonight. it's £27.50 an 1/8th so it better be fucking mind-blowing. or i'll be quite annoyed.
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far too good [24 Jan 2005|02:57pm]
[ mood | content ]

sunshine lollipops etc. this weekend has been surprisingly amazing. the reason for that being that everything went smoothly & lots of good shit happened & i had luck & that never happens.
on friday i went to glasgow with finch to rubadub to see octave one playing some sexy techno. was cool, very cool. they played some damn cool tunes. afterwards, me & finch enquired about cigarettes and chatted briefly to the DJs. I got a signed leaflet thingy...cos they had no copies of their album on vinyl in the shop :/

^^these dudes^^
After it finished, the finch & i popped along to starbucks to be a bit emo & a bit trendy, but then boosted quickly after the need to get a smoke took over. met haakon in helensburgh & we all got a smoke at mine (haakon, james, me, finch).

saturday was a really good day, i was surprised. i woke up for work, stumbled downstairs and saw two things addressed to me - one of them from UCAS & one from amsterdam. the one from UCAS told me i got into uni in edinburgh & the one from amsterdam was filled with lots of nice dope. yass. was such a happy start to the day. work was a breeze, there was fuck all to do. found an unopened 20 deck of Silk Cuts on one of the tables & stole it. got paid. then i went to edinburgh at night to go see eddie & co. we smoked lots of bud (i mean lots) & went to the junction for a bit to get pissed. eddie decided to drop a pill at one in the morning which was fairly amusing.

sunday...got up at two, got a bit of a smoke, then headed to the chinese pub to watch arsenal v newcastle with eddie & his flatmates. the chinese pub is genius. a pub that serves chinese food & has all day/all night football.

walked to the train station. missed a train to glasgow. got the next one. got home. sunday night was really nice :) it was pretty much perfect. but that's for me to know & nae cunt (except maybe finch) to find out. although it involved lots of quality dope & dirty voyeurism. ;)
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nightmares by the sea [20 Jan 2005|05:24pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i dislike guys. love is a miserable lie. i'm boycotting valentine's day completely - if anyone else mentions it i'll kick their head in. in the end, everyone has to look after number one (themselves). you are born alone and die alone. no one ever really cares about anyone else. well actually, this only seems to apply to males. self-centred pieces of shit. (except one. he was alright)

miss xtc & class a drugs in general. don't think i have enough willpower to stop completely, just enough to cut down. finch, let's get some cheeko.

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murphys law, apparently [18 Jan 2005|07:30pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

"For me, techno and nature is the same thing. It's just a question of the future and the past. You take a log cabin in the mountains. Ten thousand years ago, monkey-humans would have thought, That's fucking techno. Now in 1997 you see a log cabin and go, Oh, that's nature. There is fear of techno because it's the unknown. I think it is a very organic thing, like electricity. But then, my father is an electrician - and my grandfather as well." - bjork on techno and nature

And whilst on that subject, I will be enjoying some good detroit techno on friday night, in the form of octave one showcasing new tracks off 'the theory of everything' at an event called 'the theory in glasgow'. ho ho ho.

and, murphy's law: humorous axiom stating that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

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golden years? [17 Jan 2005|07:53pm]
[ mood | bored ]

found all these when sorting out shit today. these pictures are years old...a trip down memory lane.ahhh the nostaglia. it's scary. a chapter in my life over.

me and some darkness dude - t in the park '03

the days of hotboxing your friends cars

the days of hotboxing your friends cars part deux

ed, me, jamie. stoned. somewhere. fuck knows where.

naughty powder. very old picture.

my old room, getting stoned with julian & steve

daryl, lol.

the end of summer (not the last, but the one before) getting a smoke in the park
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november rain [17 Jan 2005|05:25pm]

crazy, it's snowing.
am just writing because i'm bored & am still to ill to be doing anything worthwhile. finished work at 2.30pm today. wandered into town & bought lots of medicine so that i can hurry up and be well again. also bought this bedtime chocolate drink that's apparently a guaranteed kip in a packet. i'm highly sceptical seeing as my current scrennage of lots of Nytol doesn't work. maybe if i combine the two.
put my disposable camera in for developing, so if i remember to go to collect them on friday, i should have some amusing pictures of some night at The Clyde and some from the other night of me, Sweeney, Finch & Nick looking "hard".

got tired & started coughing lots so i went home.

continuing my retail therapy at home with the aid of the internet. so bored. so so bored.
internet shopping is just far too convenient. you type in some numbers & your address, select what you want, and then, next thing you know, you're looking at your bank statement & you've spent a weeks wages on novelty skins.
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sam & max hit the road [16 Jan 2005|11:12pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

i think i may have overestimated my ability to be single. am going to miss him like crazy. hadn't really cried about it until tonight, because i didn't let myself dwell on the thought too much. but today he phoned me and we spoke for about two hours. totally killed me really. i'm getting so angry with myself for sitting and crying about it. when i do that i just start to feel like the world has ended. if i block it out then i see sense and stuff and realise that life has to go on. & life does have to go on. the world doesn't just stop because i want it to. people still go about doing whatever it is they do, and so should i. i shouldn't be sitting around doing nothing, and feeling completely disconnected from my friends whenever i'm around them, but i am.
keep trying to tell myself that if it's meant to be then it's meant to be & if it is then we'll get back together in the future or whatever. in theory it works but its hard to put that into practise and not freak out.
it's just gay losing a best friend & a boyfriend at the same time. he doesn't want us to keep in touch really. i do but i don't. i know it's just stupid keeping in touch cos i won't get over him in that case, so i suppose i can handle that. we're going to write eachother letters very occasionally.

he goes back to uni tommorow.

it's really difficult after about a year & a half of being together, but i suppose everything happens for a reason. i find comfort in the fact that if we ever want to be together in the future or even be good mates in the future, then we need to take a complete break from eachother now or else we'll kill eachother. i just wish i wasn't still madly in love with him.
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i'm losing my edge [16 Jan 2005|07:54pm]
[ mood | bored ]

This week has been far to trippy for words. I haven't been able to smoke anything due to my illness. This is the first time I haven't been stoned in years. It's fucking nuts. It's definetley a needed break, having sat & thought about it. But I don't think I can do this no drug thing for much longer.
I have decided on a plan.
I am not taking any class A/B drugs until I can take them sensibly. It will be shit, but if I don't I'll end up frying myself again. And I'm boycotting soapbar & only smoking nice dope.I'm getting some sexy ice-hash soon. That is if it arrives. It got posted from Holland on Saturday and will hopefully not be intercepted by big shitty sniffer dogs.

So not much has happened. This weekend was an extremely quiet one because of the break from going mental for a while. Went to some shitty excuse for a party for half an hour on Saturday night, accompanied by Finch, Sweeney & Nick. We arrived and then all stood there dazed and confused and then walked back along the road.

Next weekend should be fun. I'm going up to Edinburgh to see my brother & assorted friends. Either staying with Ed or at Steves. Je ne don't know yet. I bought Eddie a large rolling mat as a present so that he can roll huge joints with mimimum effort. Or even 2 at once! The possibilities are endless.

OoOh. I'm planning my running away. I should be running away in March, hopefully. I've saved up £300 so far, but I need around £900. It shouldn't be difficult because I have loads of hours at work planned because some people are leaving.
I plan on visiting at least 6 countries - Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy. Should be good. Ordered a book called 'Europe on a Shoestring' the other day and got loads of information about backpacking when you're a girl because it's apparently dangerous.
I'm gonna have no trouble doing this but. I need to do it or else I don't know how I'll cope in this shithole in the wait until university starts . Need to take my mind off the Gregor.
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i feel sick [08 Jan 2005|09:18pm]
[ mood | sick ]

This is shit. I am so ill. I caught the flu off my brother's flatmate. Heavily gutted. However, seeing as I am too ill to be doing anything, I decided to update.
Christmas Eve was good. Had my unofficial annual staff night out which consisted of lots of mulled wine and joints at Pauline's flat, then off to The Clyde for a Deep Sea Lab night of good DJs & getting extremely pissed. Went to Rogarts after The Clyde with my bro and a few others. Rogarts was good. Lots of dancing and cheesy 90s music.
New Years Eve was also good. Went to Edinburgh to stay at my brother's with him, his flatmate Andy who gave me the flu, Steve etc. Pre-midnight was a confused pubcrawl. Midnight was celebrated on the bridge over Princes square with lots of fireworks. Post-midnight to 8 in the morning was spent at a party where everyone was pilled, including me. I only took one but. So I have still been good.
Andy came down from Edinburgh on Thursday and we went out to The Clyde and got completely hammered. Put Itchycoo park by the small faces on the jukebox with andy which was amusing.
Friday night we went to Rogies and I could only afford a pint. However, met some mad North Londoner called Mylo who is an MC who is my new friend.
Anyway, can't be arsed writing more.

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om [22 Dec 2004|08:11pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

1. jenny
2. jen
3. la femme

1. sex drugs & on the dole
2. thrills
3. frills

1. my eyes. (will leave izzy's answer)
2. my waist. most of the time. (will leave izzy's answer)
3. my feet? I dunno.

1. my hair
2. my mouth
3. my nails (i bite them)

1. South Korea(mum)
2. Dumbarton, Scotland (dad)
3. Ireland (grandparents or sunt)

1. death
2. heights
3. being alone

1. dope
2. music
3. neighbours & hollyoaks

1. bohemian garnet necklace
2. far too tight jeans
3. boring black sleevless frilly top thing

1. dave clarke
2. dj rankin
3. hmm too difficult...just lots of good techno/house etc

1. moving to edinburgh
2. saving money
3. drug-wise...em...running out of options. DMT.

1. friendship
2. love
3. laughter

1. i am bushed.
2. i lead a very unhealthy life.
3. i am rich.

1. eyes
2. piercings
3. smile

1. roll my tongue
2. save money
3. Drive (I will never pass my test)

1. Taking lots of drugs
2. Getting stoned
3. Good music, good clubs

1. buy some chocolate
2. find the energy to find my skins
3. watch a movie

1. journalism
2. anthropologist (well, applied to anthropology)
3. drug enthusiast

1. berlin again
2. switzerland
3. thailand or india

1. Sensimilla
2. Peaches (i have ripped off Bob Geldof, yes)
3. India

1. candyflip
2. travel round the world
3. wreak havoc on live tv

1. i get excited about make-up
2. shopping is fun.
3. i like boys

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too tripped [20 Dec 2004|12:16am]
[ mood | blank ]

Wow, Gregor & Eddie are back.
Am pleased.
Got nice and stoned last night with them & selected others. Me & Gregor went to bed about 3am. Was so nice when we woke up. Sun shining through the window...
Best morning ever.
We went into Glasgow & shopped about. I had a flask of brandy & chocolate which we sat and tanned in st enoch square at night smoking joints. Then we went on a mulled wine hunt and got some at some stall. Got lost in Waxy O'Connors. Went back to mine and made some more mulled wine then got stoned.
We watched some rather philosophical prog. on channel 4. Was pretty cool. It questioned our existence. We got too tripped out.

Had a lovely day :)

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